Teksavers buys and sells both new and used Information Technology equipment.   Today we service thousands of businesses by offering:

  • New and used top-quality IT (*Information technology) equipment
  • Equipment that is always tested and certified
  • A broad range of hardware options
  • Knowledgeable staff who are readily available to assist
  • A mix of authentic brand names and tested hardware configurations
  • Best prices on tested, proven brand names

Teksavers can also provide a value with new and used I.T. equipment, as well as our professional IT services, multiple OEM platforms, seasoned Sales/Acquisitions staff and best in class market analytics. Don’t delay in making Teksavers your solution for all your IT needs!


Enterprise Networking Equipment

In business for almost a decade, Teksavers quickly distinguished itself as one of the largest I.T. hardware buyers and resellers in a matter of a year or two. Today’s savvy web buyers look to do business with a supplier with business ethics, a strong knowledge base and far-reaching customer service standards. That is the promise of working with Teksavers.

Untitled-3S.A.F.E. Guard

Teksavers focuses on customer loyalty by providing proven, tested hardware at attractive prices. In addition, we offer the S.A.F.E. Guard program which ensures that product purchases are a safe and affordable alternative to higher-priced new products. Today, Teksavers has grown enormously and has added dozens of market-leading products to our roster of products on offer.

Untitled-4TEKNET Support Program

TEKNET is a “Best in Class” IT Solutions and equipment maintenance program that provides comprehensive technical service and support for all your IT equipment, including end-of-life and previous generation product. From Cisco to IBM and Juniper to Sun Microsystems, TEKNET provides a solid depth of knowledge, expertise and hands on experience to support your staff with day-to-day challenges.