10% of all the IT hardware is counterfeit, according to the most recent industry research estimates. Protect your reputation and get the authentic equipment.

Coupled with Teksavers’ expert visual inspections, you can reduce the risk of performance failure and counterfeit items from entering your network, enhancing overall ROI. Teksavers partners with Verification Systems Technology (VST), an independent, third-party company that can quickly and accurately detect and identify counterfeit and modified IT hardware, saving our clients time and money.

  • Know what you’re getting. VST offers an online test platform that enables quick and accurate authentication of network hardware. Online verification is the most effective method of identifying non-authentic hardware prior to installation into your network.
  • Reduce risk. The online verification service allows us to take advantage of sourcing opportunities, while reducing the risk of non-authentic IT network hardware.
  • Trust your sources. Thousands of devices have been tested and analyzed by VST/Teksavers confirming its accuracy and effectiveness in identifying non-authentic IT network hardware.
  • Ensure quality. Improve your QC process by adding VST-Assurance® Service from Teksavers.

Features of the VST-Assurance Service:

  • A visual inspection only goes so far. The increasing amount of high quality, non-authentic (and often counterfeit) network hardware currently in all the supply channels requires a significantly more comprehensive authentication process.
  • The online verification platform utilizes multiple industry standards, VST proprietary and manufacturer-specific tests to analyze and verify a device’s authenticity.
  • Version 5.0 of VST's online test platform service allows manufacturers and contract manufacturers to remotely, securely, and easily add their own specific testing parameters to the VST testing services platform. These testing parameters remain private to everyone, including VST.
  • VST-Assurance Service allows Teksavers access to an online authentication testing platform that will provide a verification or failure report that accurately and clearly describes the test results. (Sample Verification and Sample Failure reports)
  • After products are tested with VST's online verification service, all of the relevant technical information is stored in a secure database that also scans across all previous tests identifying duplicated devices.

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In Case Counterfeit Equipment is Detected through Testing:

  • Teksavers/VST-Assurance can provide a neutral opinion about questionable network hardware to all parties: clients, suppliers, end users, and law enforcement.
  • Teksavers/VST works to quickly resolve a dispute between any two parties regarding the authenticity of the network hardware.
  • If a dispute escalates into a legal case or indictment, there is the option of having the test results presented by VST’s court-recognized expert witness in any contested proceeding, whether civil, criminal, or administrative.

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