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Cisco ISR4000 Compatible 64-channel high-density voice DSP module PVDM4-64

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Teksavers is a worldwide Reseller of Cisco Equipment. We help businesses, consultants and government clients buy or sell Cisco products like the PVDM4-64. About the PVDM4-64: The Cisco® PVDM4-64 Packet Voice Digital Signal Processor Module (PVDM) enables Cisco 4000 Series Integrated Services Routers (ISRs) to provide rich-media capabilities such as high-density voice connectivity, conferencing, transcoding, media optimization, transrating, and secure voice for Cisco Unified Communications solutions. These new modules support unprecedented scale while allowing for a smaller solution footprint than ever before. The PVDM4-64 support digital voice connections, conferencing, universal transcoding, and media optimization services: ● T1/E1 voice: One of the primary uses of PVDMs is to packetize digital voice into IP packets to enable time-division multiplexing (TDM) digital voice applications. ● Conferencing: PVDM modules support ad hoc and meet-me conferencing with various codecs in conjunction with Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express. ● Universal transcoding: In conjunction with Cisco IOS® Software, the PVDMs support universal transcoding, which allows conversion from any supported codec to any other supported codec. ● Transrating: The PVDMs support transrating, in which the same codec is repacketized in order to connect dissimilar networks that have different codec packetization periods. ● Voice-quality management: The PVDMs perform compression, voice-activity detection, jitter management, and echo cancellation. The echo cancellation offered in the PVDMs has a tail length of 128 milliseconds and complies with ITU-T G.168. ● Energy savings: The motherboard PVDMs (PVDM4s) offer multiple power-saving modes, including a power-saver mode when the module is not in use. In power-saver mode, each PVDM4 can save up to 5 watts of power. The analog voice modules (FXS, FXO, and E/M) and Basic Rate Interface (BRI) digital voice modules for the 4000 Series ISRs contain built-in, nonconfigurable digital signal processors (DSPs) and do not require any additional PVDMs for voice packetization. Related Search Terms: New used refurbished buy sell purchase preowned

UPC :: 88265856242

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Product Specifications
Channel Density (Low/Medium/High)64/48/32
DSP ComponentMulticore DSP technology
InterfaceIntegrated Services Card (ISC) slot on motherboard or T1/E1 NIM
Operating Temperature32° to 122°F (0° to 50°C)
Width (inches)2.50
Depth (inches)2.62
Height (inches)0.67
Weight (grams)36

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