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Quality Control

Incoming product is put through a rigorous Quality Control process.

Every unit is inspected, tested and refurbished to ensure that our clients get high quality equipment.

Our process starts with a thorough visual inspection of internal components, external appearance and OEM packaging. If there are any concerns regarding the equipment, it will be set aside for further evaluation.

Once the item passes inspection, it proceeds to the product lab where it is tested to ensure that it is fully functional.

If fully functional, it moves on to the refurbishing/accessory area. Accessories are recombined with the unit and if required; it goes through our industrial grade paint booth.

As the final step, it is graded and moves on into our "Ready for Sale" inventory.

Affiliate Program
We welcome affiliates interested in profiting from a close business relationship with Teksavers.

Our partners are consultants, integrators or individuals who look for a competitive edge in their respective market.

We have two different programs to choose an Affiliate Partner or a Referral Partner

Contact your Teksavers Team to learn how you can earn money.

Consignment Program

Consignments are a low risk scenario for clients who are looking to recover investment in under-utilized equipment.

Our key values that we can help with are:

We recover space in your facility,
We liquidate your assets quickly and profitably.
We reduce property tax liability by storing and taking ownership of the equipment.
With our website tools, you have visibility to every asset under our care.

Contact us for more information about our consignment program!
Purchasing RMA Policy

We will try our best to make the RMA process as painless as possible.  In the event that an RMA is required, we will contact you and advise you of the issues incurred.  If the problem is correctable, we will attempt to keep the item and obtain a credit to resolve the situation.  If the problem is not correctable, we will need to return the equipment. As such, we would appreciate the seller's help in getting the unit returned and a refund issued as soon as possible.

We buy New Cisco

Teksavers buys New Cisco equipment from reliable government, commercial and individual clients.  We are looking for Retail Cisco Equipment that fits the following criteria.

1.  Enterprise level products such as routers, switches, phones, security appliances, wireless access points, SFP, etc.

2.  Units must be in retail packaging as originally shipped from distribution.

3.  We will not buy or accept any new retail equipment that originated from Asia.

We buy Used Cisco

Teksavers buys Used Cisco equipment from government, commercial and individual clients.  We are looking for Used Cisco Equipment that fits the following criteria.

1. Enterprise level products such as routers, switches, phones, security appliances, wireless access points, SFP, etc

2. Contemporary no older than 3 years.

3. Good to great condition and fully functional.

Get a fair price...

Teksavers buys equipment at equal or better than market liquidation prices.

The prices reflected on our website are for up to 5 unit purchases/sales. The price may be affected by the of number of units requested/being sold. Rapid changes in market supply and demand may also affect our pricing.

Get paid today

With Teksavers, you can get paid before shipping the products. We can pay with Paypal, American Express or Visa. If you prefer cash equivalent type payment with no fees, we can pay via bank wire or by check after we receive and test the equipment.

If you wish to send a Paypal invoice, please send to and let your Teksavers Purchaser know that it is ready for payment.

You can save time and effort by keeping it simple

With Teksavers, the process of selling excess equipment is quick and easy. Unlike other selling sites, you do not need to picture the products, create the ad, post the ad, repost if necessary and ship to an unknown buyer.

After working together, we get to know each other and the process of liquidating your equipment will be safe and easy.

Save on selling and payment processing fees
With Teksavers, you do not incur selling fees that may consume as much as 15% of the selling price. After a few successful purchases, we can further avoid payment fees of up to 3% charged by certain payment services. In total, Teksavers can save sellers as much as 18% of the sales price.
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