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Terms & Conditions (Website Prices)
We are committed to honoring our online prices as long as the following conditions are met. a. Quoted price is for 5 units or less for U.S. customers only. b. Quoted price is for 30 day warranty. c. When applicable, equipment is free and clear of OEM service contracts. d. Items have all applicable accessories and undamaged serial number stickers. e. Items are licensed with most current operating system. f. Units meet a high quality standard having been tested to be 100% operational. g. Item is free and clear of any liens and seller is legally entitled to sell the equipment. h. New equipment is packaged in undamaged or reasonably unblemished retail packaging.
Terms & Conditions (Refunds)
When UNDISCLOSED issues arise, Teksavers will offer to return defective or incomplete equipment for a full refund or we will offer to keep the unit for a partial refund.  Vendor should expect to reimburse Teksavers within 5 days of notification.   We believe in proper disclosure from both parties.  If we require a partial refund, we would be happy to explain how the value is derived .  Not being familiar with the market, many vendors are not aware of costs for replacement parts or the impact of damages on a product's value.  For example: a. Certain faceplates exceed $160 plus shipping and handling. In some cases, we cannot find replacement faceplates thereby making the unit unsellable. b. Replacement rack mounts may sell for more than $100. c. Certain damages may reduce the value of a unit by up to 100%.  For example, damaged ports make certain switches non-sellable and therefore are recycled. Without proper disclosure by the seller, our offer prices are based on the following prerequisites. a. Pre-owned equipment is in great or like new condition.  b. New equipment is in original "100% un-opened" retail packaging as originally shipped by the OEM. c. It comes will all accessories such as rack mounts, wall mounts, required cabling, power supplies, etc. d. Unit contains all required licenses to operate without infringing on the OEM's rights.  Please contact us if in doubt about licensing. We request partial refunds for undisclosed issues such as: a. Missing rack mounts, wall mounts, power cords, damaged faceplates, or other installation accessories.  (Approx. $15 up to $110) b. Scratches, dents, scuffs, or excessive signs of use requiring repairs or paint. (Approx. $40) c. Missing required serial number stickers. (Approx. $35) d. Actual condition of unit is lower than reflected on our purchase order. (Based on difference in market price) We request full or substantial refunds for undisclosed issues such as: a. Unit is suspected of not being genuine OEM product. b. Unit fails testing or has un-repairable damage. c. Unit has been reported stolen or has licensing issues. d. Unit does not ship. e. Unit has software or IOS problems.
Equipment should be packaged safely
The risk of damage between point of shipment and our warehouse belongs to the seller. As such, we highly recommend the following to ensure your package arrives here safely: Ship the equipment in double-wall boxes. There should be enough packing and distance between each piece of equipment and the sidewalls. We suggest a minimum of a 3 inch gap. The package should include enough packaging material to keep the units tight and prevent them from moving around the box. Extra attention should be given to heavy items as they tend to destroy packing material and box. Product should be insured against damage or loss.  This is especially applicable for easily losable items with values greater than $500 With these guidelines in mind, your package will be safe and secure as it travels to us, reducing the chances of RMA's and promoting a seamless transaction.
Save on selling and payment processing fees
With Teksavers, you save on the transaction fees that come with using larger online platforms (which can sometimes make up as much as 15% of the selling price!). After a few successful purchases, we can further avoid payment fees of up to 3% charged by certain payment services. In total, Teksavers can save sellers as much as 18% of the sales price.
You can save time and effort by keeping it simple
With Teksavers, the process of selling excess equipment is quick and easy! Unlike other selling sites, you do not need to go through the hassle of setting up a storefront to sell your product while facing the risks that unknown buyers bring.  Simply contact us with your list of products to sell and one of our representatives will contact you with a fair price for what we can take. Liquidating your equipment should be safe and easy.  Teksavers will do the work so you don't have to!
Get paid today
With Teksavers, you can get paid before shipping your products! Our available payment methods are Paypal, American Express or Visa. If you prefer cash equivalent type payment with no fees, we can pay via bank-wire or by check after we receive and test the equipment. For Paypal, please send all invoices to and let your Teksavers Purchaser know that it is ready for payment.
Get a fair price...
Market values for equipment changes daily.  Knowing this, Teksavers provides equipment at equal or better than market liquidation prices!
We buy Used Cisco
Teksavers buys Used Cisco equipment from government, commercial and individual clients.  We are looking for Used Cisco Equipment that fits the following criteria. 1. Enterprise level products such as routers, switches, phones, security appliances, wireless access points, SFP, etc 2. Contemporary no older than 3 years. 3. Good to great condition and fully functional.
We buy New Cisco
Teksavers buys New Cisco equipment from reliable government, commercial and individual clients.  We are looking for Retail Cisco Equipment that fits the following criteria. 1.  Enterprise level products such as routers, switches, phones, security appliances, wireless access points, SFP, etc. 2.  Units must be in retail packaging as originally shipped from distribution. 3.  We will not buy or accept any new retail equipment that originated from Asia.
Purchasing RMA Policy
We will try our best to make the RMA process as painless as possible.  In the event that an RMA is required, we will contact you and advise you of the issues incurred.  If the problem is correctable, we will attempt to keep the item and obtain a credit to resolve the situation.  If the problem is not correctable, we will need to return the equipment. As such, we would appreciate the seller's help in getting the unit returned and a refund issued as soon as possible.
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