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You've done it.

You've realized you need a change in your current I.T. layout.  You've met with one of our qualified Business Development Reps for a consultation and developed a bulletproof plan that will take it to the next level.  What's next?  Many foolproof plans can fall short in the execution phase for a myriad of reasons;  Teksavers will help you avoid those common pitfalls by providing white-glove service for your orders.  

Planning to Decommission your equipment or sell your equipment on Consignment?  Teksavers offers logistics options and transparent auditing practices to not only do the heavy lifting for you, but track your order's progress along the way.  Communication is clear, expedient, and always available 

Planning to build a new server build for your office?  Our Business Development Representatives will make sure that the plan you have built together will be executed to the letter.  All products will undergo thorough Quality Check protocols before shipment, conforming to FedEx's industry-defining packaging standards.  Even after delivery, a trained I.T. Technician is on call to troubleshoot any issues encountered, from initial installation to long term maintenance and refresh plans.

Teksavers is not just here for the Transaction - We're here for the long haul to be the bridge between your business of today and the industry disruptor you know yours can be.

You've done the most important part. We're going to help you the rest of the way.

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